Friday 27 March 2009

Friday Treats

Found myself passing the new Poundland in East Ham so thought I would have a look. Managed to bag the following for the kids and myelf. The scrapbooks were big and quite good quality and 100 pages, so will keep the kids busy and also provide a place for all the pictures they bring home from school.

The stickers were excellent quality. Some I will be keeping for my crafts.

We were also invited to dinner by an aquaintance of my husbands. The lady of the house originally mistakenly thought we would be coming on Thursday so did the big cook-up only to realise we weren't aware. My husband, his usual tactful self, suggested they stick it all in the fridge and we'd come over the next day.

We usually take gifts of food when invited to dinner, either fruit or desserts. I suggested a cake from the supermarket and my husband suggested back that I make some. So I made these, although I managed to burn a tray whilst I was trying to multi-task (poorly) by chsnging the baby's nappy and getting the children dressed at the same time.

I arranged them inthe basket like last time, but didn't like these as much as last time.

Little Lady presented these to our host (I felt like a bit of a cheap-skate and wished we had bought some) who had cooked all over again. She told us that she had managed to fall on the bus that day (whilst trying to manage four kids, a pram and herself on a moving bus), hit her head on a metal pole and almost knock herself out.

With an aching head she still had to collect the kids from school, get them to madrassa (Quran school) and back and cook a big, lovely meal of Sindhi-style biryani, kebabs, achar gosht (lamb), chicken curry, salad and kheer for desert. I told her to go to the doctor as she was still not 100%.

Jummah Mubarak insh'Allah


  1. Masallah you cakes look wonderful.

    Please never feel like a cheap skate for not buying a dessert, the personal touch is truely priceless and always more appreciated than even the most expensive desserts.

  2. Umm Nassim28 March, 2009

    MashAllah, those cupcakes look lovely...I wouldn't mind one...especially with a cup of coffee...and then I am off again...reading The Rice Mother...I can't put it down...! Do you have any good idea to gather your children's work? Do you make a scrapbook out of it?

  3. Those cup cakes look deee-licious! Don't know why you feel like a cheapskate, I would have been really pleased if I got such a present!
    And about the cards thing, thank you so much, so nice of you to be generous. tc Umm S

  4. Salaam. I love your sense of creativity! It's priceless. Was also wanting to ask, where do you get your baskets from? Am in the UK and can never manage to find any similar to the ones you use :(

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  6. MashAllah,your cakes looks nice,.

  7. Assalam-alaikam,

    Brother Nawaz,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comments, I hope the lady of the house liked them anyway.

    Sis Umm Nassim,
    I knew you would like the Rice Mother, it's a great read, I know another book you'd like just as much, your gettig that next (I have two copies).
    About collating the kids work, I have tried a few things, I think I might have to think and post about this seperately.

    Sis Alisha,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comments. I meant it about the card, although you missed it for your cousin's wedding and it's you next isn't it - unless you want to give it to yourself?

    how kind of you to say such things. I've a couple of sources for baskets. I think I'll have to look through the ones I have, take some pictures and post about where I get them from and what I use them for insh'Allah, so just bear with me please.

    Sister Ummsaaz,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comment.

  8. Jazakallah Umm S! I'll let you know the details in a private email. :-)