Saturday 7 March 2009

Busy Saturday Morning And My E-mail

Sped through a busy Saturday morning after the kids decided lie-ins were for losers. To get them back - and because they were never going to stop squabbling otherwise, I got them shelling peas.

Both of my boys harrass me to let them have a go with the mortar and pestle, baby got there first this time.

Cooking done, I wheedled the better half into helping me clear out the garden. A few hours, lots of sweeping, digging and sorting and eight bags of rubbish later we had some significant improvement on before:

This means I can now start planning and planting. I even found lots of useful stuff under all that rubbish - one of my work colleagues has an allotment, I will ask her if she needs pots, or what she does with hers.

My lovely mother-in-law had her eye-operation today and should be with us soon to help us, to recuperate herself and insh'Allah rejuvenate her spirit with the laughter, work and ibadah of our home.

The side of the garden I have not shown still has an old boiler, planks, a tyre, and some more junk which my husband has promised to get rid of. This bit is shaded by the neighbours enormous pear tree and I want to find a cheap bench and surround it with flowers for mother-in-law to rest in the afternoons and entertain her friends, that will be a challenge for me and an incentive for the other half to move that junk!!!

In the meantime:

1) I would be very grateful if you could remember my mother-in-law in your dua's
2)Anyone planning to go to the boot-sales tomorrow, the weather doesn't look good, so please do call and check they are on first or you might have a wasted trip.
3) I have set up an e-mail: umm_salihah @ yahoo . co . uk for those who want to e-mail me with questions, comments or suggestions, also for those who are too shy to leave a message on the blog.

After all that digging I'm off to my mum's to check her sofa springs work properly and to make sure that no food is going to waste at her house (and offload the kids for a bit).


  1. Aslau akalum sister mashaallah nice to seet he spring clean up i need to tackle mine inshaAllah, sadly iam going to loose part of mine to a shed , much needed at that! Gosh the podding the peas reminds me of my own childhood and the many Saturday afternoons spent podding and munching the sweet peas, more recently in algeria we did this tooand mykids loved itbut there we brought 12kilos as they don'tsay in season long , then we pod and freeze.

  2. opp forgot tomention Mil mashaAllah mayAllah reward your efforts sister , she will love the bench and flowers inshaallah Allah makes it easy for you to do this.

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sister Rainbow,
    We always used to get told off for eating more than we were shelling.
    I want to go to Hewitt's farm this summer in kent insh'Allah and then I'll bring back enough to eat and freeze (maybe not 12 kilo's though - wow).

    I saw a bench that was reduced to £15 last year in Wilkinson's so I will keep an eye out for a cheap one insh'Allah