Friday 13 March 2009

Feasting on Friday

In my random facts meme post yesterday I answered the question “…things you are going to do tomorrow” with “celebrate Friday”. I think somebody was listening.

I got to work this morning and a colleague offered to get me breakfast of a cheese and tomato panini and a frothy latte. Having breakfasted so well, I decided to have a very light lunch until I was accosted by another colleague who I also consider a friend and frogmarched kicking and screaming (NOT) to lunch at a South Indian restaurant:

Being used to North Indian/Punjabi cuisine, South Indian food doesn’t look as appetising at first, but I have to say it is a very fragrant and a much more subtle experience. I would recommend anyone to start with the masala dosa and work their way round the menu.

I bought a sack-load of fruit for my children on the way home and popped into the shop where I usually buy my chocolate-covered peanuts (my barely-touched packet went missing yesterday whilst I was in a meeting and no-one was owning up). Of course the shop had run out. I got back to my desk (to re-pack the fruit, the freak I am) and found a bright pink post it telling me to look in my drawer, in my drawer was another one telling me to look in the post tray. In the post tray was a pink post-it telling me to look in our leaflet storage stand. In the leaflet stand were packets and packets of chocolate-covered peanuts.

Alhamdulillah, I’m looking forward to getting home and staying far away from food (despite the other answer to “…things you are going to do tomorrow” being “flutter my eyelashes at hubby to take us out for a meal”). As it’s raining and grey I foresee I nice comfy, cosy evening indoors with my precious ones.


  1. Drink a nice cup of tea, InshaAllah and hurry over to Sketched Soul, she has a swap that might interest you!

  2. I saw this, I'm defo joining in insh'Allah.