Sunday 1 March 2009

Baby Boy Cards - First Batch for 2009

I always say that baby’s come in batches. When I had Little Lady there were three other little girls born amongst family friends in the same few weeks. True to my irrefutable and scientifically accurate theory there seems to be a boy batch at the moment. My brother’s in-laws-to-be (insh’Allah) have just announced their first grandson, my husbands friend has just had a son and another close family of girls (grandmother, all daughters and all granddaughters) are swooning over their first baby boy.

Sunday is usually the day we make time to visit, so I put together these cards in a rush before we went off to see two of the babies. I’m not entirely satisfied and will be making more baby and wedding card’s insh’Allah, but these are what had to suffice at short notice.

This is the gorgeous box of Indian sweets one of the doting grandmothers gave us. I Had to take a picture because it looked like a box of jewels to me (I got a surprise when I opened the box as I have never tried this brand before as it is only available “up North”) I’m sorry the picture is so rubbish, I was trying to keep everyone off my favourite gulabjamun (hiding behind the jalebi there).


  1. I can concur (never been able to use that word before!) about the baby boy boom. I know of two in the last couple of weeks in my circle.

    Just wanted to post a comment to say I enjoy reading you blog. May Allah bless you and your entire family with good health, safety and most of all happiness.

  2. And I concur with both you and Nawaz :-D
    Our newest family member is a boy also. Just saw him yesterday; he's 3 weeks old and he's growing quickly masha'Allah.
    Btw, love your cards :-)

  3. Hmmmmm....Gulabjammun!!!! :)

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Brother Nawaz and Sister Washi,
    so my theory was right!!

    Ameen to your dua's brother.

    there was only one, I took it.
    Next time I see you, I'll bring you some insh'Allah (if it's the anony I think it is)

  5. ITS YUMM LOOKING..BOUGHT BK MEMORIES of younger days in dxb..when dad would buy these for eid-INfact,for a long time,i had this craving for-the pink colored sweet,(not the rasgulla),n would tell relatives there,to search for it!.
    I AM BK in your blog after a looong time...i think it had gone down for sometime rgt?coz i wasnt able to find it.