Monday 8 April 2019

Wedding Season Spring 2019: Neighbours Dholki 3

After my neighbour had her daughters dholki at home and a second party at a restaurant, my other neighbour (Z) and I decided to host her third dholki at our house.  We would not be able to attend her wedding in Pakistan and both being good friends with her wanted to send her off with our love and good wishes.  Plus neither of us can resist good food or a party…

I got my daughters and Harlequin Sister to help set up the d├ęcor and help fill party gift bags. Harlequin was kind enough to pick up fresh strands of fragrant jasmine flowers the day before and make bracelets for all of the guests.

My neighbour Z and I split the cooking between us, Z is an amazing cook so took the big things: chicken biryani, lamb kofte curry, dahi bhallay, channa chaat and zarda (sweet, fragranced yellow rice). I got responsibility for the tandoori chicken, salad and green chutney.

The biryani turned out a treat:

I got lots of people asking for the recipe for the chicken and green chutney (chicken recipe I used was this one and the green chutney recipe is here).

My neighbours zarda (the sweet yellow rice) really was good. I don’t go for traditional South Asian sweets usually, but this was not overly sweet, had a scent and light taste of orange zest and was  full of nuts.  I really enjoyed it.

There were lots of other desserts too: guests bought two types of cake (chocolate and light sponge), mithai (Indian sweets) and jalebi.

Once the guests were done eating we passed out the floral bracelets, there were selfies galore and the dhol drum was rolled out.  The rest of the night was for singing and joking.  Usually that goes on late into the night, but we gave up after a short while and everyone sat around, ate more dessert and chatted.

It was a nice evening, there was plenty of food for the next few days and my neighbour and her daughter were happy with all the love that was shown them.

Happily she got married yesterday, may Allah (SWT) bless her with long years of happily married life insh’Allah.

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