Saturday 6 April 2019

Pretty Kitty

The kids have been after a kit for years and I have always said no citing the cost and care involved and not being convinced the kids would be responsible enough.  Recently they have been petting a cat from the neighbourhood, I’ve turned a blind eye as long as they don’t bring it inside and respect that it belongs to someone else.

This week I found two plates in my front garden.  I thought they looked familiar (like the clear ones I use for dessert tables) but reasoned that they couldn’t be mine.  Then I found a packet of cat food in the cupboard I keep my lentil jars in.  Eventually the penny dropped and hubby confirmed that Little Man had been feeding the cat outside.

Today I stepped out and it had been sitting waiting.  Darling petted the cat like they were old friends and it came and rubbed up against my leg.  I have never known an animal to come to be petted before.  I’m either scared of them or they are of me.  I’ve been chased by a big black dog and scratched by a grumpy cat.  I hate to admit it, but the pretty tortoiseshell cat has won me over a little.  I’m still not letting it in the house though.

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