Wednesday 10 April 2019

Isle of Wight: Chocolate, Food and Going Home

There were a couple off things that made out stay at Isle of Wight easier. One was that my husband found the masjid there and got talking to some of the brothers attending. They guided him to where we could halal food and where they thought the best places to see were also.  We mainly took our own food, including frozen kebabs, cooked rice and chicken sandwich filling, but at least this way we did have the option of eating out, which we did twice, once in a very pretty town called Cowes and once near the masjid in Newport.

It was also nice being close to Godshill village, because there were lots of little shops and attractions that we could saunter through, the chocolate shop where we could watch chocolate being made was one:

The little town of Cowes which seems to suddenly go from road to water front without warning:

The halal lunch we managed to locate in Cowes:

Overall we found the Isle of Wight very beautiful, with its greenery and lovely coast, but perhaps too leisurely for our teens. I think it would have been perfect for them had they been a few years younger.  I do think it is a lovely spot for young families or older visitors.  I also think the weather made a difference, it was cold when we visited and I really liked it there, I can only imagine how much more we would have enjoyed it with some sunshine.

My only other concern was that between accommodation, ferry cost, attractions and food the cost did stack up a little, I am finding more and more that a short break in the UK seems to cost as much as a break abroad.

The trip back was soothing and we left early enough so that we could visit Cowes, do some shopping, but get back to the mainland in time not to have to rush on the trip home. The sunset on the ferry trip home was particularly pretty.

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