Sunday 31 March 2019

Wedding Season Spring 2019: Neighbours Dholki 2

My neighbours second dholki was a formal affair.  The bride is getting married in Pakistan and will have her henna there, so wanted to do something here to celebrate with her friends.  She stayed up late the night before with her friends creating all of the lovely details that went into the event.  You can tell she is the organiser of her group, because we kept telling her to sit down and smile and she kept coming to help set things up.  

There were so many lovely details and touches:

Highly decorated cakes often taste awful, especially because of the amount of sickly-sweet fondant that gets used, so I wouldn’t have expected this cake to taste great.  But it was really good: soft light sponge and not overly sweet.  The cupcakes went super quick too.

My neighbours had the smart idea of holding the event in the private function room of a restaurant, so the food was included and was pretty good 

Once we had eaten, we spent the evening singing, dancing and polishing off the content of the dessert table.  There were some really touching moments, my neighbour is very soft hearted and incredibly loving, and this is the wedding of her only child, so you can imagine there were tears.

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