Monday 29 April 2019

World Book Night 2019

I caught wind of World Book Night quite late in the day, but I had been inspired by my friend PT from Ireland and the way she always makes time for tea and stories or poetry for her precious little ones.  My older ones are avid readers, particularly Little Lady and Gorgeous (thankfully it keeps him civilised for hours at a time in between his riotous cheerful mischief and noise).

This being the case, I tend to leave the older ones to read alone and focus on the babies.  They are also still small enough to be keen on tea parties, picnics, book nights and the idea of staying up.

They chose a few books and I picked the book recommended by the lovely AF, also from Ireland (I’m getting such good vibes from that direction): Circe by Madeline Miller (review to follow insh'Allah). We supplemented with pyjama’s, cuddly blankets and the chocs that ShutterbugSister had dropped off earlier.  The babies being lightweights, babies, dropped off very soon before any chocolate was touched, but I managed to get a good few hours of leisurely reading in.  Definitely more of these nights for me insh’Allah. 

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