Tuesday 9 April 2019

Isle of Wight: Arreton Barns Craft Village and Fireworks

About fifteen minutes from our accommodation, there was a place called Arreton Barns, I saw a sign that said something about gifts and crafts and my curiosity was piqued.  We stopped for about an hour to look around on the way to somewhere else and found it to be a pleasant detour.  The place is a mix of shops and craft studio’s including for glass, leather products and jewellery making.  There is a medieval village feel including a village pond.

There is a museum you can pay to enter which we didn’t end up having time to look at, but I headed instead first to the glass studio.  I really enjoyed looking at the colourful and eye catching glass creations on display and especially the tiny glass figurines they had available to buy.

The whole area was full of displays, figures and interesting objects to keep the children interested, and we went over to see if we could see fish and ducks in the pond.

It was a nice little detour and a handy place to look for gifts to take home with us.  What caught our eye was the notice about a fireworks display. We ended up coming back that night to watch the fireworks.  They seem to draw a good crowd and were lots of fun with actors setting the scene before the actual fireworks started. The little ones really enjoyed the display despite the cold.

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