Wednesday 10 April 2019

Isle of Wight: Robin Hill Country Park

On the third and last day of our stay we tried to find something to do that our older children might enjoy.  The place that seemed to fit the best appeared to be Robin Hill Country Park, an 88-acre theme park located close to the centre of the Island.

The tickets were about what you pay for pretty much any theme park in England and the kids were just relived we weren’t dragging them around to see any more nature or shops.

The place turned out to be a mix of a few rides, mainly for smaller children and some suitable for older children but not too scary.  There were a few different playgrounds, some more traditional swings and slides type and others that were a bit different, like the cage tunnel through the trees.

I liked the abundance of greenery and flowers still around despite how late in the season we were (October) 

The playground in the trees:

One of the things I really liked about Robin Hill Country Park was the sheer amount of colour and decoration dotted about the whole place: drawings, paintings, interesting objects, decorative displays, it was a bit of a feast for the eyes. 

One of the playgrounds that was set out like an African village:

Another one of the curious objects, this cassette player was taller than my husband: 

We stopped to have lunch in one of the playgrounds that had picnic style seating and these super-aggressive ducks came ore to see if we wanted to share their lunch.  We had to keep shooing them away and at one point they had Darling screaming the place down at the top of her lungs (I am pleased to report she would do any horror movie proud with her ear-piercing scream).

I really liked this Chinese style garden, especially standing under the bridge while the water fell on both sides of us.

More interesting objects tucked away in the woods:

A Mughal style garden:

The kids really liked these massive long slides, except for darling who is a chicken after my own heart. She climbed up, refused to come down and had to climb back down the stairs.

The kid’s favourite bit was a toboggan ride that we all went on they had great fun, I slowed down at the wrong place and got stuck until hubby whacked me in the back with his toboggan and sent me the rest of the way.  I think we paid extra for the toboggan ride and here were a few more rides like that the kids really liked the idea of but that cost extra.

Overall, it was worth it to shut the moaning teenagers up and tire them all out, we did enjoy the different things to do, but I did think it was a bit pricey for what was on offer considering that we had to pay extra for some rides.

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