Saturday 30 March 2019

Wedding Season Spring 2019: Neighbours Dholki 1

I do enjoy weddings in contrast to all the moaning I hear from others about wedding season.  I suppose people get fed up when they have multiple wedding functions week after week, finding outfits, paying for gifts, eating party food every day and staying up late.  We don’t often have weddings in our family or friend circle, so I always get excited at the prospect of wearing something nice, eating good food and catching up with friends.

In the last few weeks we got invited to three dholki functions, a henna and a wedding.  First stop – pull out all of my nice dresses and plan who to take with me.

The first one was the first if my neighbour’s daughters dholki functions.  This involves beating the dhol drum, singing songs, trying to convince each other to dance and eating good food.  I made the banner and frame for the event and lent the dhol (it normally lives in my mum garden shed).  Being the first event, it was laid back and we really enjoyed the food, laughter and silly songs.

I thought it was a really sweet touch from the bride to be to gift my daughter, and our other neighbours’ daughter, this bag of treats.


  1. Enjoyed reading ur post today

  2. Hope to hear more from you about the other functions/events. I love learning about others'cultures.

    Here in my country sometimes we have up to 3 wedding invitations in a day, especially during school holidays.

    1. Thank you Puan Hazel,
      there are a few more wedding posts to come.
      Three wedding invites in a day is amazing, how do you manage?