Monday 29 April 2019

Picture of the Day 27.04.19: Ladies Lunch and an Inspiring Gift

I have just come to the end of my 12 week Saturday morning tajweed class, and apparently I also passed my tajweed test. To celebrate, the sisters in the class organised lunch at Manjaros. It was nice to sit together and talk about life and family. I have eaten at Manjaros before and knew I couldn’t finish a whole meal, so ordered a kids portion – the ladies thought it was strange until they tried to finish their own regular portions and couldn’t.  The Parmesan chicken special:

The ustdha (teacher) brought us all the most thoughtful presents: miswak (tooth stick) in a holder, a counter for dhikr (remembrance) and a pretty box with medjool dates and a set of little reminder cards she had made for each of us with Islamic quotes and reminders.

I think I may use the reminders as daily prompts to mull over during Ramadan and maybe blog about.  I am hoping classes continue after Ramadan and I can see the sisters again insh’Allah

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