Friday 22 August 2014

Product Review: Ddrops Vitamin D Drops

I have suffered from Vitamin D deficiency since I was expecting Darling almost three years ago now.  Initially I thought that my tiredness and achey legs were just the result of late pregnancy or weight gain or not being fit enough.  It eventually got so bad that I went to the Doctor, who after a blood test prescribed Vitamin D capsules and a year later a Vitamin D injection.

With this pregnancy, I found myself even more drained and exhausted and was diagnosed with low Vitamin D, B12 and iron.  I had to have B12 shots and iron supplements and was also given Vitamin D supplements which helped me to get back on my feet.

When I was asked to review this product, I was just coming to the end of my Vitamin D supplement, so thought it was good timing.  

I was sent three different variations by the Ddrops company to try out: Mum's Ddrops, Ddrops and Baby Ddrops.

I started off by trying out the Mum's Ddrops which come in a small bottle.  This is only partially full because the company use a standard size bottle which they fill with exactly 60 doses.  One drop counts as one dose, which is 10 ug, the daily amount recommended by the UK Department of Health for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

You can add a drop to food or drink or drop it onto a clean surface such as a spoon or your hand and lick off.  The drop is dispensed by turning the bottle upside down and waiting for it to drop out.  I tried shaking it and tapping it on my hand and I was never sure if the dose was the right amount.  Eventually I realised it was best to hold it over the back of my hand and let it drop the right amount out itself.

I can't give a scientific appraisal, but I have felt as if the Mum's Ddrops did give me a boost in energy since I have been using it.  I am also using a general pregnancy supplement which also includes 10ug of Vitamin D and I have no way of disaggregating the effect, but generally I did feel as if the Ddrops were making a difference.

I wouldn't have been sure about buying these because of the cost, but the effect means that I would consider buying these in future, especially as despite the seemingly small bottle, it lasted quite a while.

I have been trying the Baby Ddrops with Darling, again I can't gauge the effect.  The NHS recommends that all babies and young children aged six months to five years should take a daily supplement containing vitamin D in the form of vitamin drops, which is essentially what my children's advisor has recommended.  Darling seems to like the baby version of the drops and takes them without fuss.

The regular Ddrops I gave to my mum-in-law to try as she is deficient in Vitamin D also.  I asked her if she noticed a difference and she felt that they had been beneficial to her too, with an increase in her energy levels after a few days use.

The vitamin drops are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  I contacted the company to ask if they have any alcohol in the product and they advised:

"In the production of our products the liquid does come into contact with surfaces that have been washed with ethanol. However we do flush all the equipment to reduce the ethanol down to trace levels and we also discard the first few batches that run through the equipment after this flush. Any alcohol in our products will be below the parts per million level"

Personally I was happy with this as a Muslimah and thought they were quite conscientious in their production process.

I like that the drops don't have any preservatives, artificial colours or colouring and are pretty much tasteless and odourless.  I like it enough that I am planning to replace the review sample when it finishes.

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