Thursday 28 August 2014

False Alarms and Fatigue

After four children, I didn’t think it could happen to me. I thought I would know by now if I was in labour or not. So after a night of contractions on and off, when I woke up to pains every few minutes, I phoned the hospital and went in with hubby. Except by the time we pulled into car park the pains had stopped. I was mortified we’d be told off for wasting time and sent home, but hubby thought I should go in and get checked anyway now that we were in the hospital.

After checks, the midwife confirmed I was not in labour. She was concerned though at the size of the baby. A second midwife confirmed her worry and then called a Doctor who checked and sent me to have a scan. Whilst waiting for a scan a male technician called the next lady in and hubby started getting cross saying there was no way I was going to be checked by a man. I prayed for someone else because I was not in the mood for a fuss and Alhamdulillah the sweetest hijabi sister ever called me in with a “salaam” to do the ultrasound scan. She confirmed the baby was big. It certainly had a good paunch on it. The other thing I noticed was that it was the spitting image of my husband – much like the previous four had been at birth, what was I expecting?

We took the scan results back to the doctor and she asked us to come in and see thee consultant next week to discuss any interventions that might be required if the baby didn’t arrive before then (I’m due over the weekend). We were then sent home.

I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home with very swollen feet and no energy. I am struggling to relax though because of my youngest sister’s wedding and because I still have things to sort out for that. So after lunch I asked hubby to take me to a neighbouring town centre to look for suits for the boys. I didn’t find what I was looking for, so asked him to drop me off at another town centre nearby. I went through a couple of shops and still didn’t find what I was looking for. After hobbling home with Little Man in tow, I found something reasonable on the internet at a supermarket of all places. Now I just need to find them simple white kurta’s to wear with jeans for the henna because everything I pull out of their wardrobe has shrunk (or maybe they've had another growth spurt).

I just have to sort out Little Ladies wedding outfit, Darlings' and the boy’s shoes, an outfit for my mum-in-law and alterations to all sorts of things (my henna outfit’s shirt, Little Lady’s henna outfit sleeves are way too tight and I still have no idea if my wedding outfit is going to fit after I give birth). I’m going to see what I can manage tomorrow, if I don’t end up in hospital again. To be honest I am losing both the will and energy and might just delegate some things to my sisters and sister-in-law who are always great.


  1. Salam alaikum, dear sisterHappy life for your sister inshaaAllah. And hope you ve found a suitable dress. I don't know you but I lost all my weights 3-4 monthsAfter the labor. And I did nothing special just because of working much I had the weight as before.
    Wish you easy comfortable labor <3

  2. Assalam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu dear Sister!
    Have you given birth already?
    I do not believe in sixth senses and stuff but on starurday night when flying home to Manchester from holidays the pilot brought up our attention to have a look at London how amazing it is from the sky at night. I went through the list of people who I may know in London and you sister came to my mind. I started to pray for you and make duas so Allah give you an easy labour and a healthy wonderful baby Inshallah. Maybe you were really in labour, as you haven't posted since..
    Hope everything is going well with you. Allah bless you Sister.