Tuesday 19 August 2014

August 2014 Boot Fair Finds

This weekend one of hubby's friends from the masjid wanted to visit a boot fair with his wife and daughter, so he invited me to come with them.  Little Lady was still awake from fajr (dawn prayers), so invited herself along too.

I have only been once or twice this year, so was very keen to go.  We ended up at Dunton Boot Fair which is enormous and also visited Barleylands Boot Fair on the way home which is smaller but my favourite for craft materials, jewellery and children's books and toys.

These are the books we bought, all of these were between 20p and 50p and the kids have been enjoying reading these.

The three fashion books were 20p each, I have bought versions of these for Little Lady before where I have found them discounted and they cost around £5 (on Amazon they cost between £5 and £11).  The little knitting tool was 50p and the Star Wars Story Studio £1.  I try to look for things that keep the kids busy and mean that they have to use their imagination or own initiative.

This was one of my favourite finds.  The box of acrylic paints was 50p (they are £3.99 each in the shop).  The lady then threw in the watercolour paints for free (the smaller tubes).

The pencils are half watercolour pencils and half regular colour pencils.  I love how pristine they are.  I have been wanting to try and learn some simple art with watercolour pencils  (inspired by images like this).

Little Lady took some money of her own and enjoyed doing her own shopping.  This was her haul (bag, fingerless gloves, purses x2, packet of silver loom bands and Jacqueline Wilkinson 2014 planner all 50p, mini Miffy stationary 20p and Tatty Teddy (her favourite) pencil case full of stationary £1).  The snaps she bought for her brothers who then dropped them all over the house.

She also bought this rainbow loom band for £1 as it was a different design than she usually makes.  The little rainbow crystal bracelet came with the sparkly bangle I bought for myself in the image at the bottom, both were £2 together.

The peacock feather locket is a Past Times Art Nouveau range one which was £15 in the shop and which we paid £1 for and Little Lady absolutely loves it.  The ring was 50p.

It was nice to pick up some treats at bargain prices and it means that we'll all have lots to keep us busy and for us to play with.


  1. Wow! You have inspired me to look for boot sales in my area. Glad you still have the energy for all that legwork!

  2. Reading the first paragraph, I thought the last days of growing heavy was having a real toll on you, sister.

  3. Reading the first paragraph, when I found you had bought books from a boot fair, I thought the last days of expectations of a new Muslim or Muslimah had started having a toll on your concentration!!

    Then I saw you had a comment. I was sure the commenter must have pointed this out. So, I went straight to the comments. And found boots again!!
    Is it me or the entire world that has gone mad!! :-)

    1. Salaam Anonymous,
      not entirely sure what you mean.
      But it's called a boot fair not because people sell boots, but because people sell items from the boot of their car!
      A bit like a yard sale in the US, but in a field with people lining their cars up and pulling out folding tables to put their unwanted stuff on instead.

    2. I was refering to your pregnancy. Please accept my apology if my words appear tactless or insulting. I have utmost respect and admiration for the mothers under whose blessed feet, Allah has placed the Paradise: according to a Za'if Hadith.
      I am from India. Now, after your comment, I understand what a boot sale is.

  4. Rather, it put my grief into perspective, taking away much of the pain!

    Really awed by your writing and your Islam! There are so many people who are good Muslims, but can't write interesting stuff. And there are so many writers who are just half-Muslim or quarter-Muslims, or even apostates pretending to be moderates. Even your page has some links to dubious Muslims' blogs.

  5. Little Lady was still awake from fajr.
    May Allah bless her! Most probably it is not even Farz for her, and yet she does it -- the most difficult of all prayers.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I had been wondering what kinds of comments these are which the administrator removes. Could my comments get into that category, I would think.

      After your email, I now understand they are offensive to the Mercy to all Mankind صلى الله عليه وسلم (May our parents be sacrificed in his cause!).

      Reading an offensive comment after a good da'wah-oriented post is more disgusting than watching somebody throw up after a sumptuous meal. They are the reason I confine myself only to science, technology, etc. while googling and random web-surfing. If I have to look for anything Islamic, I use Google Arabic search which is helpful most of the time and is also free of such outrageous comments.

      May Allah reward you -- as is worthy of Him -- for all the trouble you take in writing the posts. May Allah make the last days of your expectation easy and painless here and rewarding in the Hereafter! ---Mutarjimhm