Monday 11 August 2014

Kooks Vintage Style Bridal Shower: Decor and Food

My youngest sister Kooks is getting married in about a month so we thought we would start the festivities early with a bridal shower.  The theme was vintage with pearls, florals, pastels, and polka dots, which meant we could really have fun with décor, outfits and our dessert table.

The venue was my mum's garden because it is bigger than mine and we felt that the greenery and flowers would make a lovely backdrop.  Kooks and Shutterbug Sister tied scarves across the washing line and pinned them to the walls to create some shade and colour.

They pinned the bunting I made to the scarves.

The girls also put scarves across my mum's garden swing and tied on the string of herats on a ribbon my children made.

I found these butterfly clips at home in different colours and Little Lady pinned them around the garden for me.

The food was amazing - Fashionista bought tandoori chicken sandwiches and her mum-in-law made us pasta with tandoori chicken chunks and radish which sounds strange but tasted really good.  Sister-in-law made a really light, chocolaty mousse trifle and some chicken and potato pasties, mum made samosa's and spring rolls and dahi bhalley, Shutterbug cut plates of fruit and made strawberries dipped in chocolate and chocolate cornflake cakes which we thought were very old fashioned and appropriate.  I made macaroni salad and guests brought lamb kebabs, feta cheese and spinach pasties, home-made cookies, crispy cheese balls and moon pasties and more.  Shutterbug also found some old-fashioned lemonade.

Sister-in-law organised a game where she had asked Kook's fiancé some questions and then asked the bride-to-be the same questions with a challenge to get the same answer.  For each one she got wrong, she had to eat some gum.  She got about two out of thirty right and ended up with a mouthful of gum.  The answers were a lot of fun.

My favourite thing was all of the little girls mash'Allah - my youngest Darling, my little niece, my cousin, all three of whom are about the same age and got up to all sorts of mischief and also my newest little niece, Fashionista's little princess.  I really enjoyed holding her and watching her nod off.

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