Tuesday 26 August 2014

Picture of the Day: 24.08.14 - Autumn Blooms

The weather has been very wet for the last few days which seems to have benefited my garden.  For one the boy have been inside and not breaking every plant in sight with their footballs and the drenching seems to have made the plants think it is spring.

The garden is a bit of a mess again with weeds everywhere, litter, various balls in the beds and toys all over the space.  I can't bend over yet to fix it, so it's all going to have to wait until after the baby is here and I can blitz it.

In the meantime, it's been lovely to see the splashes of colour emerging again after the boys activities meant that almost every flower was knocked off it's plant despite my shouting at them.

This bright red hibiscus is right outside my living room window and cheers me up no end.

A little florist near me often has miniature roses displayed outside her shop.  I couldn't resist a lilac one but when I planted it, the roses turned a dull pink.  The new ones that have come are lilac again which is nice.

I couldn't get a good clear picture of this bright orange rose bed, this was another one of the miniature roses which caught my eye because of its colour.  Once I planted it, they turned a dirty peach colour, I think it might be something in the soil.  Now the new bud has come up the original fiery shades.

This fuschia was dripping with flowers which all got knocked off by the boys a branch at a time.  The few twigs left still have pretty flowers coming through.

This fuschia had dried up and I thought it was dead.  On the off-chance it might survive I planted it in the back of a bed and forgot about it.  My complicated plan worked and it is full of flowers again.

The tomato plants that have been there all summer are now full of green tomatoes.  A few have turned red, but I suspect that the rest will stay green.  These are nice added to vegetable curries for a slight tang.

I'm itching to get outside and tidy up, but I'm going to have to wait a while yet.


  1. Maybe getting out there and working will get you started on labor a little sooner. ;-)

    1. Nice thought, but have been walking, lugging things around and doing housework (the last one a bit too obsessively) every day. Not working, so I'm just trying to distract myself now.