Monday 11 August 2014

Kooks Vintage Style Bridal Shower: Outfits and Dessert Table

Kooks Bridal Shower was great fun and lots of the guests made lots of effort with their outfits which ha a vintage theme.  The theme is one that could be interpreted very broadly which made it easier for everyone and we suggested pearls, floral, polka dots and pastels to those who were not sure.

I was going to make do with something I had and realised the few outfits that I am rotating for the last few weeks of this pregnancy were mainly black or plain.  So I went for a walk with Little Man around the local shops to see if I could find something reasonable.  I think I was asking a bit much.  The shops near me are South Asian and not only expensive but their idea of large size clothes is about a size 14 (US size 10/12) which isn't going to fit over my nine-month bump.

We were about to go home when we found a tiny new little shop with abaya's and floaty maxi dresses.  The shop keeper pulled out a few and I kept asking if he had anything bigger.  He pulled out some floral butterfly style dresses in different colours and said these were the biggest.  I picked one and paid a very reasonable £20.

It looked really nice with the diamant√© belt over my bump, but Little Man who is very modest suggested it looked better without the belt.  He is a people-pleaser and suggested it in such a nice way that I wore it loose.

I accessorised with a long necklace of opaque blue beads and some chunky beaded bracelets.

This is one of the outfits I really liked, simple and pretty.  This guest got it right with some pink satin heels.

I really liked this floral maxi dress too, our friends son fitted right in with his shirt and suspenders.

Kooks in soft florals and pearls and her ever present camera:

It was all of our little girls that totally stole the show mash'Allah.  This is my little cousin in her belted skater dress with rabbits and bikes.

Darling and my cheeky niece wore their Eid outfits and took every opportunity to sneak sweets and biscuits and run off with them.  They also both stuffed themselves with chicken nuggets.  These two are going to be firm friends and lots of trouble.

This is Shutterbug in florals with Fashionista's little one who also dressed up for the day.

The dessert table had old-fashioned treats like pink wafers, custard creams, Viennese whirls, jammy dodgers, almond cake slices and lemon cake slices.  The sweets were mints, sherbets and humbugs.  The gorgeous cookies were home-made by one of Kooks friends and were probably one of the best I have ever tasted.

Kooks bought these pink ceramic cupcakes a few years ago and everyone kept lifting the lids to see what was inside.  Except we forgot to put things inside them.

Shutterbug makes these strawberries dipped in chocolate for us sometimes.  The cold and tartness of the strawberries and the melty sweetness of the chocolate work together a treat.

I had the best time at the bridal shower.  Our Sister-in-law is hosting the next one which promises to be very chic and stylish and which I am very much looking forward to.

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  1. What super lovely clothes and party. Really loved all the pictures and the pretty pink colours . Lovely