Tuesday 26 August 2014

Picture of the Day: 25.08.14 - Wedding Preparations

Wedding preparations for my little sister Kook's wedding are going at full tilt in my family.  Yesterday we got together to assemble favour boxes and fill them.  Sounds simple.  There were 150 to fold, put together, tape and thread ribbon through and it took four or five of us just over two hours.

We then had to fill them.  We used a traditional mix of almonds, cashews, dried dates, dried apricots, phool makanay (hard little sugary sweets that look like little white clouds),  sugar crystals called mishri (on top in the picture below).
 and sugared almonds.

We laid down a sheet, made a giant pile of the ingredients and mixed them up.  We then filled the boxes and tied the ribbon to shut the boxes.  Most of the hour or so this took was spent trying to stop babies from walking over, spilling and eating the nuts and sweets (although we did pass them some of the raisins)

The other exciting news was that Kook's wedding dress and henna outfit arrived yesterday.  Absolutely beautiful.  We were bowled over and got her to try them on.  Really loved them.  The package they came in also had both my mum's outfits and henna outfits for Little Lady and the babies which were also absolute show stoppers.

So now I have to sort out the boys outfits, accessories and wait for the baby to arrive to see if my clothes need altering.  We are also getting together again to go through itineries, to-do lists (on Excel of course along with the guest list and budget tracker) and parcel out tasks.  Oh and the parties this weekend - a bridal shower hosted by sister-in-law and a dinner for the ladies hosted by my aunt.  With just the small matter of trying to give birth sometime in between.  Alhamdulillah for family, for blessings and for to do lists.

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