Sunday 3 August 2014

Happy Muslim Mama Social Media

I finally got round to sorting out social media for this website.  I've had a few sisters taking the time to e-mail me, which prompted me to set up a Facebook page and add social media buttons to my sidebar so that I am easy to locate around the web.

My Facebook page is here.  I've been avoiding being active on Facebook because it always seemed like such a time-stealer and because so much of what is on there seems to serve no purpose or appears vacuous (can you guess I hate selfies with a passion?).  The main reason I have become more active after joining the Multicultural Kids Blogs group which have a very interesting and useful MKB Facebook group.  I feel light years behind anyone else on using FB productively, so this will be a learning journey for me.

My Twitter account is here.  This is linked to this blog, so is a good way to keep up with new posts from me.  I have found this easy to use and recently a great source for interesting content on recent events in Gaza.  It's also helped me to find interesting people and other bloggers that pique my interest.  I just need to get into the habit of using hashtags.

I am also very new to Instagram.  This was another tool that I thought might not be for me as it seemed to be the place for younger people and the true home of the pouty selfie.  But I have found it easy to use and a nice way to view the content of creative souls and craft bloggers.  I will have to work on adding images to this and again mastering the use of the hashtag.

I do love Pinterest, my boards are here.  It's like an on-line scrapbook and filing system in one and I have no idea how I have ended up with 48 boards and 4,305 pins.

I like Etsy for browsing, inspiration, eye-candy, gift ideas and occasionally finding bargains.  My Etsy shop is here.  It's empty at the moment, but one of my goals during maternity leave (one more week to go!!) is to start re-building and populating it with some of the stuff I like to make insh'Allah.

My Flickr account is here.  I used up the 100 photo limit years ago and then didn't fancy paying to add more photo's, so left it inactive.  I was very happy last year when they started offering a fantastic 1 terabyte of storage space on their account, so another to-do for me is to re-organise my photos and upload lots more.  If you're interested, my sister Shutterbug also has a Flickr page here with some lovely images.

My Google Plus profile is here.  I'm a bit embarrassed that I have no idea what to do with this or how to use it.  I got a shock when I saw that it had 13,767,506 views at the last count (this blog has 1,034,256 page-views for its entire history).  So I will be doing some learning about whether this is something that can be useful and productive and the best way to use it.

An easy way to follow this blog is via bloglovin which sends new posts straight into your e-mail inbox.  I follow about 80 websites in this way and get a daily round up of posts to choose any I'm interested in from.  If I only stuck to one way of keeping up with blogs and websites, this would be it.

Please do use the buttons above or on the right sidebar to keep in touch as it suits you.  I would love your feedback and advice or tips on how to improve any of these social media tools.

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