Sunday 3 August 2014

Eid-ul-Fitr 2014/1435 - Pretty Clothes and Gorgeous Babies

This Eid was simple and sweet, it was all about good food, family, enjoying our little ones and dressing up in something easy and pretty.

That's not to say everything was perfect.  In true Ahmed family style there was an argument, some sulking and then a grudging truce over food, but I could ignore that nonsense because I was too pregnant and hungry to care.

The night Eid was announced (chaand raat), hubby offered to buy me something to wear, I was busy with getting ready for the next day and had something to wear so declined.  He went off with the boys at about 12am and came back with this outfit (from this shop):

I loved it because it was so comfortable and the colours are fab.  Mine is a bigger size and comes down to my ankles almost like a wide caftan and he paired it with very wide scarlet palazzo pants which I liked more than the look above with black slim pants.

Little Lady wore this gorgeous dress that Kooky bought her and I loved how it looked on her and the colour too.

My sister in-law and Fashionista:

I really liked sis-in-laws's outfit, it reminded me of a retro Versace print.

Kooky's outfit was very pretty with colourful thread embroidery against black.  She's getting married next month insh'Allah, so I think this was a gift from someone...

It was the babies though who stole the show on both days: Darling, my gorgeous niece and my little cousin who are all about the same age and our newest addition, Fashionista's baby.  We all spent our time cuddling, kissing an cooing over their every little move alhamdulillah.  These lovely little girls make me feel so blessed.

The oldest kid with the youngest one in the family:

If you've followed this blog since it's start you might be blown away as I am about how big this girl is now and how far we've come.

Of course it takes the lovely mum's to retain a sense of normalcy and calm to our days.  Mum and mum-in-law (in sea green) spent the afternoon shelling green chickpea's and chatting.  There was a time when these two weren't so keen on each other, it makes me happy to see them as good friends and allies alhamdulillah.

Of course the best thing was the food.  My mum's Eid lunch is one of the highlights of my year and we were also treated to a barbecue at my uncles house.  I also made everyone dinner first the first evening.  But no one took pictures because we were all too busy enjoying the food.

You can see more (better) pics of our Eid here at Kooks blog.

I hope your Eid was as lovely and that Allah (SWT) showered you with his blessings on these special days.


  1. We had a real simple Eid too, mainly because it's been just 2.5 months since my MIL passed away. My Eid outfit looks similar to yours, and is a gift from my Sis in law. You seem to have had a great time!!

  2. looks like a lovely day in beautiful outfits :)

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  4. MashAllah loving the outfits!

  5. Great outfits.. love all of them. Ma Sha Allah, looks like you had a happy happy eid. :)