Thursday 20 August 2009


Oh dear, I can’t stop yawning and shifting about in my seat as I type this, to shake off the aches.

I had planned to take it easy on Tuesday evening, but got home from work to find nothing for dinner and a guest waiting for me. I grabbed Little Man and rushed back out to grab something to cook and something for the guest. I made the big mistake of putting lamb on to cook, which takes ages (from now on lamb is only ever for weekends!). I finally got to sit down and hubby suggested we take the kids to the park, which I felt bad about saying no so tagged along, to keep my daughter company on the swings of course (I got off when the queue of kids started to look mean).

On Wednesday I again planned to get some rest. I came home to find my sweetheart of a husband had made-over my kitchen for me. He told me to leave the clean-up for him to do later and rushed off to do a job. Of course my mother-in-law rushed to clear up the mess and start scrubbing everything in sight, so I had to join in for the next four hours, then put everything back in the kitchen before getting everyone’s dinner ready

So today, I am going to go home from work with the intention of doing lots of cooking and housework and knackering myself out – I might just get some rest that way.


  1. Sounds like a busy week. That is a sweet thing that he did. And the best thing is that he did it without you bugging. I understood the comment about the mother-in-law going immediately to clean up the mess. Of course you had to help her, or it would make you look bad, no matter how tired you were. My mother-in-law is the same. I love her, but sometimes we have to do things to stay on good terms. Enjoy your new kitchen. If he feels like traveling, ask him to come do mine!!

  2. Wow Sis, I'm tired just from reading about your week :-D

    Just want to wish you and your family well over the month insha'Allah - Ramadan Kareem