Thursday 20 August 2009

Spontaneous Do

After the last few days I had really hoped for a quiet evening, so after getting dinner on the hob (courgette with chana daal) I settled down to do some work on my blog and barely switched the computer on when I got a phone call. It was my friend: "Can you come round to my party, sorry it's short notice, but we just decided to throw one..."
Well, I never so no to a party, so I grabbed the kids in from the garden, got them dressed in something less muddy and without food stains down my front and found myself something to wear.

I had to get hold of my better half and ask him to take us and he was gracious enough to get back from getting his new van serviced, get us all in the car, stop at the supermarket to pick up a gift and a cake and head to our friends house.

Little Lady got to dress up (I have never met a child who loves to pose so much):

The Mitchell Brothers were out in force:

The food was lovely (and I didn't have to cook it):

It was nice to meet some new sisters, including a mother of two teenage girls who just made everyone laugh, she was a lovely example for me in how young at heart and fun she was mash'Allah.

We finally left at 9.30pm with me heading home to get the fridge cleared out and the bins emptied in time for the morning and the husband heading out to do a removal job.

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