Thursday 13 August 2009

My Little Craft Corner

Sister Eternal Peace at too many thoughts asked me how I stored my craft items.

At the moment they are sitting in my bedroom blocking up the space in front of the window and making the place look messy. My husband brought this little bureau back from one of his jobs (my mother-in-law couldn't figure out what it was so I told her it was a big bread bin).

At the top, I have placed small plastic tubs which split wedding card stuff, baby card stuff, natural looking materials (weird split I know), half-made cards and paper-stacks. Inside are large sheets of card or paper and small boxes of gems and buttons. The bag at the front is full of the lovely ribbons iMuslimah sent me from the USA. I leave all of my half-finished bits inside and just pull the lid of the bureau down to keep the kids attention from falling on them.

Underneath I have an old wooden magazine rack (50p at a boot fair) to store my ideas journal and oversized card and paper.

The bureau is too small to sit at as I get a sore back hunched forward over it, so I spread my stuff all on the floor in front of it and work sitting on the floor. The blue tub has all of my stamps and inkpads and the clear box below has finished packaged cards.

On top of Little Man's little chest of draws is stashed the rest of my stuff. The box with the yellow lid houses all of my blank cards. The box with the blue handle beneath that is full of card toppers and stickers. Underneath that is my little box of gems which I am always looking for additions to. The box beneath that has my punches and my stash of ribbons.

The wicker basket has my finished cards which are waiting to be photographed before they are packed up. My "Handmade by Umm Salihah" labels to stick on the back and cello bags to pack the cards in are stored in the same basket. The mini chest below has all my small bits, punched shapes, wire shapes and any randon bits and pieces, the middle draw holds die-cut shapes and frames and the bottom draw has adhesive ribbon, peel-off sentiments (are you guys still following me with all the crafting jargon?) and rub-ons.

The blue mini chest came from another one of my husbands jobs. I have used it to store my loose paper and card with blues and greens in the top, red's, yellows and browns/naturals in the next draw, pinks and purples in the one below and printed papers in the bottom draw (did I ever mention I have a horrendous neat-freak streak? Girl Who Walks In The Rain has a card that describes the problem perfectly).

Of course it is nothing like my dream craft space (see below) but it is enough for me now.

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  1. salaams sis jazakAllah khayr for taking out the time to take pictures and explain in detail how you organise your stuff,i'm not the most organised person in the world so it was really helpful.

    I dont own even 1/10 of your stash lol yet storing it is difficult for me!
    jazakAllah khayr

  2. Oh how i wish I had a corner. For now, I hide my 2 storage bins between my couch and loveseat.

    Oh inshaallah someday, Ill have a nifty crafting parlour like youve pictured, where every tid-bit will have its place!

  3. Walaikam-assalam,

    Sis ep,
    It was my pleasure, I hope it gave you some ideas.

    Sis iMuslimah,
    Isn't the studio in the picture dreamy? Although I am sure I would manage to stuff it to the gills too.