Sunday 16 August 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I had planned to do my six loads of laundry and a big cook Saturday morning and then spend the weekend lazing around and maybe making some cards. I wish. My husband casually informed me that we had guests that evening as he was on his way out to a job. So Saturday was spent cooking, more cooking, acting like making an out-of-the-packet custard trifle was rocket science, cleaning, grocery shopping and picking up a gift for our guests. I was hoping that there would be enough food for Sunday, but the pots were almost cleared out.

Sunday morning we headed to Dunton boot fair, where I didn't find much except two books I really like: Ingrid Bacci's "The Art of Effortless Living" and Dean Koontz's "Lightning" which I can't wait to re-read and see if it is as good as I remember and a kids torch for Little Man to pester his gran with (he likes to sleep in her bed).

I usually stash food in the car for the journey home as we are all starving. I got back to the car to find that my brother-in-laws had cleared the lot between them. I was feeling rather petty by the time we got home for lunch, so I warmed up the last of the food from the night before, filled my plate and the kids and left the brother-in-laws looking increduously at what was left. I should have felt bad. This isn't my usual habit as I make sure everyone else has had their share first, which is something I learnt from my mum. But in this case I didn't feel guilty at all.

In the afternoon we took the kids to a local park where a "Diversity Day" was taking place, which basically meant a few stalls, a few rides and a very bad DJ irritating us from the other side of the field. Still it doesn't take much to please us. Little Lady and Gorgeous had a blast on the bouncy castle:

Little Man insisted he wanted to go on the plane ride instead, not realising that it goes up in the air for a while. As soon as he got off, he burst into tears.

Of course that was rectified with some ice-cream for the kids and some hot chips for the adults.

We got home and everyone crashed for a nap, leaving me free to play around with my card-making materials. With perfect timing Fashionista Sister turned up to keep me company with her chatter (she has a very dark streak in her which I love). She took Little Lady (and her holiday homework) home with her for the evening (any bets whther she comes back home tonight or sweet talks her nan into staying over?).

I'm off now, to the kitchen AGAIN, to make some dinner but don't mind so much this time. I meet even make the boys a decent meal ;)

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  1. Im glad to hear you had a prodcutive weekend. Im sure you didnt look forward to cooking so much. I think I would have been peeved if someone ate my sons snacks without asking, as having those snacks available on a trip are key to a peaceful day and avoiding the pitfalls of unhealthy fast food.

    I didnt get to craft tonight. Im kind of bummed out. Ive been trying for three weeks to get one night in and I cant! Hamdullah we had a good day. My husband did 6 loads of laundry whilst I cleaned and hung out with baby. After asr, we stopped to get some slurpees and water, then took baby to a huge park, where we could roam free with him. He loves to chase his soccer ball. Of course, he finds the parking lot more appealing than the grass. I got to take some nice portriats of him, we prayed maghrib in the park (first for me, ive never prayed in public) and then came home to italian take out and steamed chicken and veggies for baby, then a bubble bath for him and bedtime. Of course my husband was glued to the laptop and TV which meant i had no space to craft. I need to be alone and deep in thought.

    Oh well, there is always the weekend after next. Im working this weekend coming up ;)