Thursday 20 August 2009

Surprise Make-over

I often have this little pipe dream, that I go to work one day and my family invite over one of those TV programmes that do up your house or garden wonderfully, you then come home and get a big surprise. As lovely as he is, I would never have thought my husband would attempt anything like that.

Yesterday I got home from work and realised the kitchen was a different colour. On closer inspection I found my husband had rounded up his little brother and the two of them painted my kitchen (from a lurid apple green to a nice stone colour), painted the ceiling and the window frames and best of all fitted me a nice new cooker!! A big silver one, with the big inside grill I wanted and one where the ignition button’s work (so good bye fire-lighters…for now anyway).

A few weeks ago, my mum had come over for a barbeque and had commented on the state of my kitchen, I’d been feeling a little shame-faced since then. I did mention this to my husband and Little Man piped up a few days ago that “Daddy said he’s going to get a new kitchen”, which made me smile. We also all get the cleaning bug at the beginning of Ramadan, so that we all scrub the house from top to bottom and fix or replace anything that needs changing in time for Eid.

I still didn’t think I’d be surprised like this though. I’m over the moon and can’t wait to start cooking up all sorts of new things which I have promised myself to try on the weekend insh’Allah

A picture of the kitchen after the make-over. I wish I had a before picture, but maybe it's not a great idea to show the whole world how grotty your kitchen is (note the hot-pot in the corner ready and waiting for Ramadan). The white package on top of the microwave id powdered milk I unearthed almost past it's sell-by date. I wanted to have a go at making Indian sweets this weekend.

The inside of my cupboards after I cleared them out and organised them. They have never looked so empty. The next task is to find little boxes to decant all the little bags tied up with rubber bands (what my mum calls pandooklian - cool word huh?).


  1. I am looking at the pictures of your kitchen, and it is lovely. Do you have two ovens in your stove? If you do, jealous! I would love to be able to bake a turkey and bread at the same time.

  2. you have motivated me to have a good clearout!

  3. will this mean you'll atempt to clean the cooker now lol