Tuesday 25 August 2009

New Baby!

I got home from work yesterday to receive the good news that my newest sister-in-law (who's wedding we attended last summer in Pakistan) has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mother and baby are both well and the debate over baby names has begun already. Muhammad, Ali and Ibrahim are all contenders at the moment, although my father-in-law is gunning for Saad.

I intend to send the card above to her with lots of baby stuff, which I am going crazy over, when my mother-in-law goes back to Pakistan just before Eid.


  1. Mabrook to the new Mum and the family on the new addition! I just love that card masha'Allah :-D

  2. Assalam-alaikam

    Sister washi,
    thank you, we are all over the moon about the new baby.

    Sister Irish Muslimah,
    me and the kids all liked Ibrahim best too as did the baby's dad.