Saturday 1 August 2009

The Honest Scrap Tag

I’ve been tagged by Sister Fruitful Fusions.

The Rules:

To do the Honest Scrap tag… here’s the deal. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

So my ten?

1. I love, love, love the rain, I love walking in the rain, playing with the kids in the rain and sitting by the window and watching the rain. It might all stem from the fact that my mum used to come out into the garden and play with us if it rained on a summer day. It also feels like such a blessing (bein’ from farming stock an’all I guess).

2. I am book-crazy as are my sisters. My mum used to threaten to put all my books in a bag and throw them out because I concentrated so completely whilst reading that she would yell and yell for me and I would not hear her. My parents even had my hearing checked, only to find it was perfect. When I married, my husband used to get annoyed if I was reading as he would try to talk to me and I wouldn’t even notice he was there. Now he has the bug too! As do the kids, with Little Lady reading her way through Enid Blyton and the boys taking their books to bed. That makes me a very happy woman.

3. I studied psychology at university and absolutely loved it, but then ended up in the civil service and local government. I spent years trying to work out what I want and now I am starting to find peace and satisfaction in what I do alhamdulillah.

4. My favourite colour is green – green cars, green paper, green gems, lush green grass, green fabrics, I adore the colour.


5. I hate making chapatti’s, which I have to do every day. I resist it so much that, every time I get started now my brain starts to space out big time and I am suddenly exhausted. I can’t say that to anyone though, or they will just think I am making up excuses not to cook.

6. Palestine will always be an emotive issue for me because I was a kid during the time preceding the first intifada and saw a young Palestinian boy being beaten by two soldiers on the news. I had nightmares for a long time and can still remember the scene exactly and what he looked like.

7. I had no idea about my family history and assumed it had been lost, until I asked my gran once and she took me back six generations, it was the most amazing experience. Instead of recording in books, there was a man who had memorised every family tree in the region who used to visit each family and recite their geneology.

8. When Little Lady was born she looked like a plain boy and I used to call Kojak. I saw her for the first time and thought “…Oh, is that what you look like? Never mind, I will love you anyway”, then she got to about six months and started looking like a cute little boy. I look at her now and feel like she is the loveliest girl in the world (but then I am her mum).

9. I and the kids all like licking lemons, we are forever getting told off for this by the hubby who doesn’t like them and insists we will end up with a bad throat because of the sourness.

10. I will be married nine years this week insh’Allah (the time has whizzed past) and I turn 30 this month insh’Allah –I still feel 21 though, and I have no intention of growing up!

In turn I tag:

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and anyone else who fancies having a go!

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  1. Oh I love making parathas/chapatis. Perhaps it's because I don't make them every day. The kiddies 'help' me with it, so it's fun for all of us