Saturday 1 August 2009

Anniversary Fun

Subhan'Allah, this week Iwas a married woman for 9 years alhamdulillah. We celebrated like we do every year by...forgetting completely. I only remembered as we were clearing the dishes away after dinner and we both thought it was quite funny. I was hoping we would do a little somethign to mark the day though, so hubby took me for a very long walk, byt the end of which I was wondering if he would just turn around and take me home gaian. But we finally found an ice-cream parlour and had some chocolate and strawberry ice-cream (which tasted very like supermarket ice-cream).

The next day he had a delivery to Heathrow airport and brought me back some roses from the lady who sells them in the middle of the road to people who are going to pick up their relatives from the airport (I get a bunch of these every now and again mash'Allah). The best bit though was when the mother-in-law asked where the flowers came from and he looked sooooo embarrassed.


  1. Mabrook! Time flies when youre having fun, doesnt it?

    May ALlah grant you both many, many more happy years together, Ameen.

    Supermarket ice cream leave something to be desired ;) But anything tastes better shared, right?

  2. Mabrook and the flowers are so cute. May Allah grant you many many more years together inshaAllah

  3. aSlamu alakum
    long time sis! congrat's and i can just picture the scence with the desi mil and the roses. Thanks for sharing and making me smile!

  4. Mabrook!!!
    May Allah swt bless you both with more love and happiness and many many years together, Ameen.

    Best wishes

  5. congrats hope u have many more to come.