Saturday 10 January 2009

A Visit From the Bestest Friend

My best friend returned from Hajj mash'Allah and whereas I should have visited her, she knew I was a bit all over the place at the moment and came to visit me instead. She came with gifts (and bribes for the children) who were all grinning as soon as they saw her.

She brought me a volume of SAhih al-Bukahri and a Harry Potter book and some very good books for the kids. Some black seed oil which will definitely be useful in my home, some lip-gloss (which I will have to hide from Little Lady or I'll never see again) and a wonderful jewellery set in my most favourite colour. The best thing though was the little bag which contains the ajwa dates I so love.
She also bought the kids activity sets (sticker books, colouring pages and posters to paint). I had planned to let them have a look and then hide them until a more appropriate moment. I stood no chance, whilst I spoke to my friend and sisters, the kids took the activity packs apart and also gorged on the lovely Thornton's chocolates (which were for ME) without asking.

Whilst we were gabbing away, another old friend who onced lived with me, rushed in with a Victoria's Secret's bag full of toiletries for me declaring she could not stop as she was flying to America tomorrow and would see me when she got back and rushed off again.

Felt surrounded by kindness today.


  1. Wonderful gifts and they look all good to use, to alhudulillah.
    My sister would love Harry Potter, I think the best from there options of Books would have of course be Islamic Hadith book.

  2. What lovely goodie bags! You are blessed alhamdullilah

  3. It's always nice to get gift's shows others have thought about you ad cared although they can do this without gifts too but it makes it that bit special mashaAllah great friends , may allah protect you and bless you sister.