Monday 12 January 2009

Chaos at Work

I finally got round to meeting the new team I will be working with hopefully at the end of this month insh'Allah. I turned up with the best intention to learn and work hard and prove myself but still annoyed that I had been pushed into the kind of work I was not looking for. I was also nervous that I was new to this field and didn't know much.

When I finally sat down with the team I was very heartened and could see why the person allocating to roles thought that this kind of work would be suitable for me. I had made it clear that I was very interested in equality work and that I had experience in this. The new role centres around policy and performance and looks at things like equalities and impact assessments (I have a lot of swotting up to do). Although I don't know lots about this kid of work, it seems very interesting and I feel like it will give me skills and experience that will benefit me in the future insh'Allah.

The service I have been aligned with is Regeneration and Physical Development which looks at re-building run-down areas of the borough and making the most of investment opportunities in the area. We will also be working with the team that deals with the legacy of the Olympics in 2012 and with the people who have been given a massive project to re-generate a whole ward within the borough which is one of the most run-down, neglected areas in London.

So after eight years of work, I am starting all over again, but at least it is in a role that has scope for growth and development insh'Allah.

The other thing that made me smile was that this is a new team and I realised that no-one knows what they are doing. The senior manager admitted as much saying that they were consulting managers in Regeneration to find out what they wanted and making the service up as they go along. One thing I have learnt from past experience is that chaos can mean opportunity - the person that rides the wave can travel to where they want to be insh'Allah.


  1. well done and i really hope you find that contentment you are yearning inshaAllah.

  2. This sounds right up your street! i'm sure that you'll find it interesting and i'm sure it will make you feel good that you are helping the area that you grew up in

  3. Thanks Rainbow and lss,
    I am looking forward to doing something more interesting. Keep me in your prayers.