Tuesday 27 January 2009

Unashamedly Geeky

I can’t help myself. I love to collect and I love everything to be in order – by colour, size, type, country or all of the above. I love to organise shelves, cupboards and draws – none of which stay that way.
Everything ends up going by colour:
By shade:
By size and type (these are all miniature perfume bottles which mostly my sisters have given me or I have picked up from boot sales):
By colour and use:
By colour and shape:
By texture and shape:
By country (and by genre, but books are impossible to put in any order and even I am not anal enough to store them by the The Dewey Decimal Classification System or by colour even):
OK, so maybe I have lapses:


  1. LOOOOOOL ;) Im the same way -- or I used to be... now I am getting more on the scatterbrained aspect... hehe ah well...

  2. HHAHAHA your too funny! I got some of the symptoms too .. *sigh* though I do try keep the dest orderly too...

  3. *desk - my mistake. I just woke up and prayed fajr and cheked if my college is closed today because of some bad bad weather suposedly - so I am still half a sleep really lol. sorry for my typos.

  4. I was judging you until I looked at the three remote controls by the TV that are arranged in order...by size...ahem...by me.

  5. Mine need doing and yours look neat. I love the blue shades in the beads.

  6. shame the rest of the house doesn't usually look like that!!!
    (are you going to delete this now cos i outed your messy house?)

  7. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis Umm Travis,
    Is it me, or do we get more scatter brained when we have kids? Maybe the pregnancy kills off the brian cells?

    Sister Nida,
    what is it about blogging and commenting that brings outendless typo's in the best of writers?

    Oh Sister Sabrina,
    Now that is anal!!

    Sister Rainbow,
    I bet your house always looks immaculate, unless like me, when the booties get strated and we start lugging all sorts of stuff home and filling up the cupboards and corners.

    can I delete you? Anyway, my house doesn't come anywhere NEAR your bedroom!!!

  8. This brightened my day! :)