Thursday 22 January 2009

I Knew He Was Listening

Just after I published that last post and went to pick Little Lady up from school as she returned from a school trip, I got a call from my mum. They've found my uncle. He's safe. He's still in Peshawar and won't be home in Jhelum till tomorow morning.

I nearly started jumping up and down in the school playground. There's not much detail yet - whether my uncle paid up or the police made a raid. Once I know I will post, but that might take a little while (especially knowing our family and the stories that just get started).

I feel joyful and immensely relieved, as if I have breathed deeply after so many days. Thank you so much to all those kind souls who have made dua for me and my family.

I'm off to say thank you to a certain someone who was taking care of us along.


  1. Ma shaa Allah la howla wa la Quwwatta illah Billah

    May Allah protect u and your family always...


  2. Thank God! he is safe and sound! Inshallah he would be home soon!

  3. Alhamdullilah ! Allah is Most Merciful.

  4. Oh Alhamdulillah! Waiting for the next update!

  5. Salaams. Alhamdulillah what a relief for you and your family.

  6. Alhamdulillah!! So glad to hear this news, may Allah bistow peace upon your family hereafter.

    Be sure to treat your mum tonight and tell her not to make the chick pea curry with Kebabs tonight, as you might agree, she deserves this after weeks of worrying!


  7. Assalam-alaikam,
    Jazakh'Allah-khairun for all of your kind words and dua's which we were sorely in need of.

    I have been trying to call Pakistan but have not been able to speak to him. Will call again later. My mum and aunt are over the moon. My aunty spoke with my uncle yesterdy and he said that it was only the prayers of his sisters that saved him.

    you know me too well. I will be visiting her today and spending the day with her.

  8. Salam wa alaykum sis. Alhamdullah and praise be to Allah for your uncles safe return. May Allah give you all peace.

  9. oh SubhanAllah - I was reading your posts a little backwards - but alhamdolillah he's safe :D !!! Im so happy for you sis. I know how it must have felt - My father was missing for one year during the Bosnian genocide, and it was the darkest year of my life! Alhamdolillah he was alive and we were reunited again!

    May Allah keep you all safe from harm inshaAllah!