Saturday 31 January 2009

Face Painting

Had a very full, but quite enjoyable Saturday. I knew my husband would be working all day, so although I usually avoid the mall, I headed there with the kids. I am not a fan of the crowds, of having to drag a pram everywhere with two more kids having off, of shops that have their aisles/racks so close you can't get a pram through. Also my kids refuse to look where they are going and walk into absolutely everyone. Little Man's legs are always tired and he needs to visit the loo every half hour. Little Lady wants to buy everything she lays eyes on and Gorgeous throws his bottle as far as he can send it when he starts getting bored. Everythign is expensive and poor quality and mostly the shops are full of stuff you don't need (can you tell I hate shopping yet?). I had to head to the shops when I realised that all of Gorgeous' pants are now jack-ups and his top sleeves creeping up his arm. Little Man's pants almost fit him but not quite. In the end after some hunting around I found the best little-boy clothes on a budget at Peacocks.
Whilst in the mall, we came across a lady doing face-painting for charity so thoguth would treat the kids. Little Man insisted on a scary tiger face:

Whereas Little Lady decided on a glorious glittery butterfly:

Gorgeous would not lt the brush near him. Of course none of it lasted very long.

We spent the rest of the day at my mums loafing about the house and the evening at my aunties who had invited us over to have dinner with her and some second cousins who were also visiting. Got home and put the exhausted kids to bed. Now I am just trying to get the baby down wihtout much sucess - every time I turn around he jumps out of bed and runs off again. You reckon two years is old enough to swaddle him?


  1. wow!!! such lovely paintings..
    i wish we had such things here..
    .........know wat? i never had family get togethers.. never visited relatives...
    Allah bless you all and keep you as a close knit family always.. :)
    with all prayers..

  2. u haf such a beautiful daughter. i like her sweet adorable smile.

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sis Almas,
    The lady who did the face-paiting was very good.
    I was also quite isolated from my extended family as ateenager. I made a conscious choice to connect with my family. Our various conflicts meant this wasn't easy but in the long-term well worth it. If you can do this, I would encourage you. Perhaps a card or a call now and gain to see hoe thye are.

    If it's a big no-no then maybe people from your community who are pious and of good character so that you have people to turn to in times of need or so that they can come to you when they need?

    Assalam-alaikam Sister Haifa,
    I'll show her what you have written, it will make her smile. Alhamdulillah, she is my biggest source of peace and joy and my deepest source of anxiety and worry - as a good Pakistani friend said "It's not that we don't love our daughters, it's that we are frightened about what their destiny will bring"