Sunday 18 January 2009

Long Egyptian Necklace

I love the colours blue, green, black and gold together, they feel very "Queen of the Nile" to me.

I had these long blue glass beads and knew they would look best in a long necklace. I felt that perhaps in a bracelet or something smaller they would be too chunky and take the piece over a little. I used big black seed beads as a background and the small square matt gold beads to add interest and pick out the gold in the blue beads.

I wore this with a plain black abaya and a electric blue shawl the same colour as the beads (the picture doesn't pick up the colour).

A tip I picked up is that once I have tied the knot in the elastic or plastic wire, I paint the knot with clear nail-varnish to stop the knots slipping out. Whilst I was threading, I managed to listen to some of this very academic lecture by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf called How the Holy Quran was Compiled.

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  1. Aslamu alakum ukti
    mashaAllah that necklace it right up my street the colours are me , its beautiful ukti really nice.