Thursday 24 January 2019

Picture of the Day 19.01.19: Socialising Again

My husband mentioned in passing recently that we had not been having many guests around.  The last year I had been so focused on my new job and the rowdy teens that by the end of it I felt the lack of a social life too.  I plan to spend more time this year hosting, visiting friends and perhaps even going out with friends.

I barely made the intention and find myself with a lunch invite from a close friend and wedding related functions for the next five to seek weekends alhamdulillah.  In reality though I wanted to focus on making sure I visit all my family friends and the sisters from the masjid in turn and host once every month or so insh’Allah.  I was blessed with a childhood where I lived with extended family.  My grandparents were very sociable and we would have a stream of guests coming and going virtually daily.  In turn we would visit a different family every weekend for tea and get to play with their children.  It is a way of living and building community I admire.

The first dinner this year was for a friend who made Umrah (pilgrimage).  I made pea pilau rice, lamb curry, chicken and bell pepper curry (which was well-received, I will share a recipe insh’Allah) and baked chicken (from this wonderful recipe from Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun). We also had channa chaat, green chutney and salad.

My mum and my friend got talking and found that they had come to Britain in the 1970’s in the same year, a month apart.  That gave then fuel to reminisce about shillings and the last days of coal use, much to our amusement.

One of the best things about hosting though, is being left with lots of leftovers. I refused to cook for the next few days.

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