Tuesday 1 January 2019

Fun and Games

I didn’t do much sale shopping this winter break, but I did pick up some jigsaw puzzles and games to keep the kids busy.  We don’t do anything special for New Year's eve or day, but I was looking forward to the free day to spend with the family.  We took all of the games to the mum, with a plan to at dinner and play games with my sister (Shutterbug Sister)

We ended up obsessing over this puzzle I picked up from the charity shop for £2 and annoying the children so much they left us to it.  They got sick of us taking the pieces from them and telling them to stop putting them in the wrong place.

We were excellent role models for the children, deciding it was too hard and we were going to give up midway. This was as far as we got.  My mum commented at regular intervals, what a waste of time the game was.

You forget sometimes, how much fun childhood games can be.  We didn’t play Ludo this time, as it was just the babies and me left at this point, but we did play a few rounds of snakes and ladders.   Darling won every game and Baby lost each game loudly and with much complaining.

They were still at it the next day at home.

We haven’t cracked open the quiz games, but these are my favourite. I am the annoying family member who calls out the answers every time I see a game show on someone’s TV.  I am hoping to do a big family quiz night soon if I can get my extended family interested.

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  1. Vnice Umm Salihah Ahmed.. I have two small daughters and I'm playing snake and ladder n ludo with them too