Wednesday 9 January 2019

Book Shelf Therapy

My bookshelf has been a mess for some time with more books than I can read anytime soon, everyone dumping all sorts of things on it and the whole thing looking cluttered.  With encouragement coming from the unlikely source of Harlequin Sister wielding Instagram snaps of aesthetically pleasing book-shelves, I decided to give in to my inner organiser and give it a tidy.

The first step as to be brutal about getting rid of those books that I would never read again, or that didn’t really appeal to me.  These are some of my university textbooks and I have held on for sentimental reasons and because perhaps I thought they might come in handy if I ever did my Masters.  20 years later, they are pretty out of date. In the end I filled about a dozen bags of books to get rid of.  I am wondering if they are any good to anyone, otherwise I will take them a few at a time to the charity shop.

I have always grouped my books by genre and theme. Non-fiction by parenting, self-help, biographies for example and fiction by classics, horror, Young Adult for instance.  It just makes sense to me.  After looking at the mess/dumping ground my beloved bookshelf has become over the last few months, sense went out of the window and I did the easiest and most pleasing thing to the eye.  Ordered everything by colour.  It goes completely against the grain, but I love how it looks:

I am enjoying my book shelf at the moment, it makes me smile every time I go past.  Now I have to make sure no one tries dumping their junk on it.

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