Thursday 24 January 2019

Picture of the Day 22.01.19: Apple Crumble

Every few weeks Gorgeous brings me home a gift from his food tech class.  So far I have had fruit salad, chocolate yule log and couscous.  One the whole it hasn’t been bad and he seems to enjoy it.

This week he brought home apple crumble.  Everyone refused to try it and he remarked that it did look strange.  I googled apple crumble and showed him that it looked just how it was supposed to.  He remarked that it looked gross and probably wouldn’t taste nice then looked out of the corner of his eye to see if I would taste it.

I had some after dinner.  It lacked both enough apple and sweetness, otherwise it was almost there.  He didn’t have enough time to cut the other apple so had eaten it. I might need some cream or custard to sweeten it and make it a a bit less dry..

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