Saturday 12 January 2019

Picture of the Day 10.01.19: A Beautiful Invitation

I got the loveliest invitation this week.  A friend that returned from umrah (pilgrimage) invited me to her home for dates and zamzam water.  She followed this with - and of course lunch, like it was no big deal.  Usually we make a fuss of going to visit people who return from hajj or umrah (the main or smaller pilgrimages).  She not only invited us herself, but made us a gorgeous lunch.

I happened to be working that day, but from home, so took a slightly longer that usual lunch and found something nice to wear.  I have learned from experience that you can never be overdressed for these gatherings, the ladies wear hijab, abayah and in many cases niqab, so these are one of the few women’s only opportunities for them to dress up.

I arrived to find the water and dates laid out beautifully with mini cups for the zamzam, while our host kept lunch ready and warm.  This is one sister I admire for her ability to be organised, on time and cook for large numbers of people alhamdulillah.

She had made us Gujarati-style biryani, lamb with lentils, salad, Gujarati-style round pakoray and naan bread.  It was aaaalll good alhamdulillah.

As good was the company, my friends from the masjid were there and so welcoming and loving.  They always make such a big deal of the fact that I have taken time off work to come.  Good Muslim sisters as friends is such a beautiful blessing.

I had to eat and leave to get back to work, but such a nice detour in the middle of the working day.

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