Tuesday 1 January 2019

Picture of the Day 01.01.19: Comfort Food and Blankets

I haven’t been cooking much at the moment, because no matter what I cook, one of my fussy children doesn’t want it.  So my view now is if there is lots of food in the fridge, we need to eat it rather than making more, or you can make yourself eggs and toast.

This evening, the babies asked for eggs (whisked egg with salt and red chilli) and parathas (chapatti’s with lots of ghee).  I handed them a plate each and went back to clean the kitchen.  I came back to find them snuggled up under a blanket enjoying their dinner.

The boys in contrast decided they didn’t want to leftovers or eggs and toast, so would happily stay hungry.  They then helped themselves to biscuits.  I am going to let this slide and try and work out tomorrow, what food exists, junk food excluded, that all the kids will happily eat.

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