Thursday 24 January 2019

Picture of the Day 23.01.19: First Snow of the Year

After the blessing of a fairly mild winter we have had a cold snap over the last few days.  It felt cold enough for snow, and finally yesterday we got a flurry.  Fashionista sent pictures from her home just a few miles outside of London of snow around her house and made me yearn for some.  The boys have been wishing for it too.

After a busy day of work, hubby and I headed to Little Ladies parents evenings which was 90 minutes of queuing to meet teachers and then trying to hear what they were saying over the noise (mostly good alhamdulillah, except some comments about the sudden teenage attitude, I had to hold my tongue and tell them we had been getting a taste of since she was about two).

We came out to a beautiful spray of snow floating down in that magical way it does, illuminated by the street lights.  I might have got a bit excited because Little lady told me to stop cackling and being so embarrassing outside her school.

I didn’t manage to get a decent picture except for what gathered in our garden, but enjoyed the excitement and beauty in the moment.

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