Friday 25 January 2019

Good Deed for Friday: Hygiene Kits For Homeless Women

Sister Afra Khan has been in touch from Chicago USA to tell us about the hygiene kits she is trying to put together for homeless women.  On her GoFundMe page she tells us a little about her project:  

"As a community service project, I have decided to work on creating hygiene kits for the homeless and extremely low-income women of Chicago.  It is stated that, poor personal hygiene can lead to medical problems, prevent job opportunities, influence access to services, contribute to low self-esteem.  The funds raised will be used to purchase the necessary items needed for each kit.

The kits will be composed of the following items: sanitary products (pads), feminine cleaning wipes, deodorant, face lotion, body soap, pocket tissues, first aid kits, hand sanitizer, body spray, toothpaste & toothpaste, towels, socks & gloves, some snacks, and gallon size ziploc bags.

The cost of each kit will be approximately $10.00.  My friends & family will be helping me put together the kits on the 15th of February, any time before that the funds would be greatly appreciated so we can purchase all the items needed."

Homelessness has become a big and very visible issue where I live in recent years, so this hits close to home, especially during winter.

I truly believe that Muslims should be of benefit to everyone and that our value is in what we can do for others.  No woman should have to struggle for the basic necessities required to keep clean and healthy.  Please visit Afra’s page to find out more and donate if you can insh’Allah.

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