Monday 14 November 2011

Winter Gardening

My idea of winter gardening is locking the garden door mid-September so the kids can't get out and venturing out in May to see of anything is happening out there.  My mum and mother-in-law are hardier sorts, so have cleared the garden of weeds, dead plants and junk and pruned back the Camellia and grapevine.

Mum-in-law took mum's suggestion and planted some garlic in the garden which has sprouted in about two weeks (take apart garlic bulb ensuring skin stays on cloves and push in to ground with the point upwards).  I'm looking forward to having fresh garlic from the garden to add to our curries.

Hubby has brought home three of these absolutely wonderful planters and a garden seat and table home from one of his jobs.  I just love these and hope to clean them and cover them up for the winter, ready for next summer's barbeque's.  Almost enough for me to venture out during the winter and keep my little garden in check - almost...


  1. You can Use the garlic flowers in cooking. visit
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  2. Salaam Sis,
    I like the link and the info, but for some reason I'm not convinced anyone in my house would eat flowers - anyone tried it?