Tuesday 15 November 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 7 - A Quiet Moment

For day 7 of my first 40 day challenge, I thought of a quiet moment on the bus on the way home from work.  I usually get dropped off and picked up by hubby so have a few minutes between walking out the door from work and getting home and getting started with the second shift as I call it (change, feed kids, send off to madrassah, wudhu, pray, groceries, kitchen, cook, clean, blog...). 

Today though I came home by myself and savoured the train journey (only three changes) with my book (Rumi's Daughter by Muriel Maufroy) and the bus ride home (doing nothing).  Not a great picture but it shows all the junk I carry round - two big bags with my lunch, diary, book, spare flat shoes, glasses, purse and who knows what else.

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