Friday 18 November 2011

Colourful Jummah, Wonderful Weekend and the Twins of Faith Event

I am looking forward to today and this weekend.   I have a half day at work, then lunch with girlfriends and then have to be a home to pick the kids up from school as hubby and mum-in-law will be away for the weekend.  I plan to spend the evening lounging at mums enjoying her comfort food and then have the kids in bed with me eating junk and watching an old movie.

I have picked out something fun and colourful to wear to meet the girls (I love this scarf from my mum, reminds me of her as she loves to wear bright colours) and the ring is my favourite.

This Saturday I will be at Mercy Mission's Twins of Faith conference at ExCel in east London which I am looking forward to immensely.  I am going crazy trying to work out which workshops and talks I want to attend.  Will be taking Shutterbug Sister and my camera with me, so should be lots of pictures, notes and motivation to come back with insh'Allah.  Are any of you going?

I love the questions the website asks: Amidst the pressures of everyday life, how can we remain sincere and serve this religion only for the Love of God? How can the communities that we live in appreciate us in the same way that the community of Madinah valued the Prophet and his Companions? If our presence in the UK ceased to exist, what – if anything - would this nation miss from our absence? On a personal level, what value have you added to it? Are you known as a caring, trustworthy and reliable person in your community? Are you the most diligent team member in your workplace? What will be your legacy?

Then Sunday the local sisters circle will be moving back to my house insh'Allah (it will make me clean the house of nothing else).  Hubby and mum-in-law will also be back on Sunday evening, so will be my day for cooking a special dinner for everyone.

have so much to write about - recipes, my school lunchbox journey, book reviews, so many posts and thoughts that have been going through my head, (redundancy, a littering project, new opportunities, a craft project prompted by Shutterbug Sister).  Just need a bit of time to write everything up! Would write more, but getting late for work now!

Have a wonderful Jummah day insh'Allah!!!


  1. I love that scarf, mashaAllah!

    I hope you have a fun and beneficial time at the event inshaAllah. I think they will be holding it in Malaysia sometime in December =)

  2. Assalam-alaikam,
    yes it was very beneficial alhamdulillah (and exhausting).

    Love your blogs by the way, especially the photo challenge blog.