Tuesday 8 November 2011

Eid Al Adha 1432/2011 The Big, Loooong Cook-Up

For the second day of Eid we decide to invite everyone to our place (five families).  We decorated our house with green and silver balloons and fairy lights (I couldn't find where I had stashed my Eid banners)

Gorgeous decided everyone had to have presents and started filling bags up with every toy he could lay his hands on exclaiming "no time, there's no time left!".  I wonder where he might have picked that up from...

I pulled out one of my favourite outfits to wear and matched some bangles (I am in love with the mix of the dark lime green and sky blue).

Little Lady went with the philosophy that if you have a nice dress with a massively oversized bolero cardi from nan, then you must accessorise with everything you can lay your hands on (including the beaded necklaces she made for herself and my little cousin A who is her friend). 

As it was an evening meal I had the time to see off my guests who had come to stay for a few days and spend the rest of the day immersed in putting the house back in order and cooking. Pretty much everything Pakistani's traditionally like to cook on Eid takes no less than a few hours to cook.  I ended up making lamb curry, haleem and roasting chicken chunks and vegetables.

I did start taking pictures, but had to stop as I was supposed to be serving.  Also it's getting rather ridiculous with everyone being mad to stand still whilst I, Kooky and my cousin Tayyib all take pictures.

For dessert we had the five-hour kheer, home-made gulabjamuns (which just kept growing and growing once I had put them in the syrup) and Eid cake.

We also had a tin of sweets - you should have seen the scrum for those, my sisters and cousins were sending the little kids flying.

 Little lady and my cousin A were misbehaving so following numerous arguments, bouts of tears and "she's not being my friend!", were half-jokingly ordered to the washing up.  They actually listened and washed and dried all of the dishes (and properly too)!

Was a  nice way to end a loong, lovely day.


  1. It was a very big surprise that the girls listened though after the nonsense that happened.

  2. hey !!
    just came across your blog. Love your writing :)
    Belated Eid Mubarak !
    Will be following u now. Check out my blog as well