Tuesday 1 November 2011

Trip to Dorset: Lyme Regis

For some reason I had a bit of a stereotype of Lyme Regis and thought it would be dull.  But when I heard it was a key stop on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast and was famous for fossil hunting, I had to include it in our Dorset trip.

It turned out to be a very pretty town, with colourful houses and the loveliest gift shops (which my husband marched past at full speed every time he saw one of us taking an interest).  Unlike Bournemouth's sandy beach, the beaches were pebbly.  The smell of fish and chips truly made my mouth water, but every shop we asked at cooked the chips in the same place as their sausages, so we sadly had to give them a miss.

We broke lots and lots of stones, but didn't find any fossils.  We did find one with the shape of a limpet embedded in it.  Little Lady happily took that in to school for show and tell with the pretty rocks and shells she collected.  Good enough result for me.

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  1. What an interesting place! Looking for fossils sounds like my kind of holiday.