Tuesday 1 November 2011

Trip to Dorset: Service with a Smile

I believe in making the time to appreciate someone who has treated you kindly.  During our trip to Dorset, we stopped at a small restaurant in Lyme Regis.  This place was about 10 minutes drive from the beach and town centre and in a car park of all places.

By this point we had struggled to find something we could eat because most places cooked chips and sausages in the same oil.  The people at this restaurant accommodated our various requests.  We ordered jacket potatoes and paninis, but they allowed us to eat some of our food and even warmed it up for us.  Our trip to Cornwall during the Easter break taught us sometimes its hard to find good halal/vegetarian food and so we took some food with us.

The proprietors were the loveliest people.  They really, really did embody the idea of service with a smile (not something England is always known for) and didn't once act as if we are being unreasonable.

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